Whether you're looking for new YouTube content, or just want to listen to a great podcast, you've come to the right place! Here are six of the best podcasts available on YouTube.


Whether you are a YouTube creator looking for tips and strategies or you're just interested in how YouTube works, you can benefit from listening to TubeTalk. It's one of the most respected podcasts in the online video industry. Each episode tackles a new topic. Guests on the show include YouTubers, experts, and other experts in the video creation space. They take you deep into topics such as how to make money with your channel, how to build your audience, and how to get your videos noticed.

You can download the podcast on Apple and Spotify. The episodes are uploaded once a week. Each one has a unique flavour. Each podcast is interesting to listen to. It's an excellent way to start your day.

In the past two years, the Pop Culture Commentary podcast has featured offbeat anecdotes, personal stories, and commentary on the world of pop culture. Its last episode was a bit of a departure from its previous format, but it still featured successful online creators.

Another YouTube podcast is designed around issues and trends on the platform. Its creators, Aden Matthews and Zach Snyder, have worked together to develop a show that focuses on the steps you can take to become a better YouTuber.

Dropped Frames

Streamers and Twitch users have a new podcast to check out. It's called Dropped Frames, and it's hosted by Playground Games. The company has a solid pedigree, with several of the biggest names in the gaming industry on board.

The show will feature a handful of eminently interesting guests including John Paul McDaniel, aka Zekiel III, and ShannonZKiller. A few of the big wigs have made appearances on the show before. Ezekiel III, for example, has been on several official Twitch events, and has racked up 190k followers on the service. He's also been known to host the official Twitch "Meet and greet" and has a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers.

The show isn't a complete slam dunk, but it's still a good time to catch up on the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. The latest episode will also cover a few other topics, including the upcoming Halo Infinite, a game that has received a lot of attention during the Xbox/Bethesda E3 presentation. In addition to being the first game to feature a cross-platform multiplayer mode, it's the only Xbox One game that allows players to compete against each other.

True Geordie & Laurence

Previously known as Football Fan 533, True Geordie is an English YouTuber. He hosts a weekly football livestream on his channel called The Kick Off. He also produces a podcast called True News. He is often accompanied by his co-host Laurence Mckenna.

The two make fun of each other's fashion sense and mock stereotypical ideas of female gossip. They have both been criticised for their comments. They have even been banned from streaming on Twitch.

The True Geordie & Laurence podcast on YouTube features a range of interesting guests. Their interviews are often enlightening. The podcast is popular with viewers. The content of each episode is driven by viewer demand. The podcast also reviews popular trending issues. It has featured Robbie Williams, Ricky Gervais and more.

A lot of the time, the language that True Geordie uses has a strong Geordie accent. He also makes use of derogatory adjectives. His speech has interruptions and swearing.

In addition, he makes use of tag questions. These questions suggest approval-seeking and inferiority. These types of comments are often used to prompt the conversational flow.

Trash Taste

Several of the YouTube stars have produced podcasts, many of which provide entertaining or useful information. The Trash Taste podcast is among the best of the crop. Some episodes are available on YouTube and Spotify. The podcast is hosted by the likes of Garnt, Gigguk and Connor and they are joined by special guests from time to time. Trash Taste has reached an international audience and is one of the few podcasts to make the move to Japan.

The Trash Taste is a podcast about anime, manga and other otaku culture. Aside from the regular podcasts, they have produced some specials that are only available on YouTube. These include cycling 70km through Hiroshima prefecture, the best otaku video game to ever hit the gaming console and an impressive tidbit about the history of Japanese cars. The most interesting part is that these episodes are recorded in real time from the studio's servers.

While the Trash Taste is not the first anime podcast, it certainly has been the most popular. It is a collaborative project between Anime YouTubers and GeeXPlus note, which is a media company based in Australia. The Trash Taste has two main channels, one is a playlist of their most recent episodes and a second channel which is a playlist of highlights from the show.


Unlike some of the more traditional YouTube channels, SuperMegaCast has been around since the beginning. In fact, it is the longest running YouTube series to date.

The show features celebrity guests and off-the-cuff opinions on all things from the latest TV shows to upcoming film releases. Having said that, a look at the ratings on YouTube's main site reveals that the podcast is only one of a handful of YouTubers to get the nod. This is probably because the show's creators have been able to keep the quality up to snuff.

The show also has a socially conscious bent, with merchandise printed on a variety of quality products and designed by independent artists. It's also one of the few YouTubers to have a merchandise store. With a catalog of over 300 items to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. The best part is that every purchase puts money back into the pocket of the artist.

In addition to the aforementioned merchandise, the show also has a weekly podcast. In the same way that the YouTube platform is home to a bevy of up and coming talent, the podcast is a haven for veteran producers and celebrities.


Whether you're into your life, your relationships, or your mental health, there's a podcast that will suit you. If you're looking for a laugh, or want to learn more about self-help, you'll love a podcast hosted by Hannah Hart.

Hannah Hart is an actress, musician, and best friend. In her debut podcast, she and her friend Hannah Gelb tackle topics such as self-help fads, mental health, and love. They try out various self-help techniques and share their results with listeners.

You can listen to Hannahlyze This on YouTube. Each episode is about learning how to be your best self. The podcast has new episodes every Thursday. They also have a Patreon page where you can contribute. If you subscribe to their monthly pledges, you will receive extra rewards, such as a monthly live stream, a handwritten quote from Hannahs, and behind-the-scenes content. If you're interested in supporting the show, you can pay $15 a month, which includes a live stream. You'll also receive an original doodle and a behind-the-scenes video.

One of the most popular podcasts in the U.K. is the Brady Haran and CGP Grey podcast. They discuss the differences between hosts, vexillology, and other topics that are interesting to them. They've recorded over 128 episodes and have become one of the leading podcasts in the U.K.

Blackb0nd & Hard8

During the late summer months, YouTube started rolling out its dedicated Explore page. This page allows users to see a list of podcasts on the platform, including some that they might not otherwise have access to. The video thumbnails are typical and not terribly impressive, but they show what's up. The pages aren't as clear as one would hope. Some users have already been able to access the hub, but others are still waiting for the opportunity. This is a great feature for those of us who don't have access, but it's also not something that's available to everyone.

In addition to the usual podcasts, there are some interesting ones from other gaming communities. One of these is the Corporate Slave Awards, a satirical awards ceremony hosted by BlackB0nd. The event has garnered a good deal of backlash from Superbros and the like. However, it's pretty entertaining.

Another noteworthy podcast is the one hosted by BrokengamezHD. This is a bit of a joke, as it's mostly about casual multiplayer and souls games. The host lacks organization and slanders the game that takes skill.